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Thread: Dreambox memory full?

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    Dreambox memory full?

    I have (beside others) two Dreamboxes DM500HD, which I (having E-SATA input sockets) mostly use as external discs (in enclosures) players. However I also watch live channels sometimes, selected from settings loaded in the box long ago. There are some new channels Iīd like to add to the boxes, but itīs impossible. When I try to add a new channel (Service serching > Manual scan), the well known green screen appears ("We are sorry, the receiver encountered...") and the box restarts. The same with both boxes. I guess itīs due to full memory of the boxes which canīt receive any more channels. I can delete channels and bouquets I never watch from the "Favourite" list, but it doesnīt help. They still remain in the "All" list and charge the memory. I canīt find a way to delete them from there. Has anybody an idea how to do it? Thanks for your answers.
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    I've had this when some files like satellites.xml are not set to attribute 644 which is linux for allowing read/write access to the file.

    The easiest way to see this is to use an app like DCC (e2 version) on a nearby PC on the same network.

    On a Dreambox that file is usually in /etc/tuxbox

    Another file that can cause trouble is lamedb - the database of all your scanned channels. It is in etc/enigma2 .

    Of course it is possible that you have recorded to internal memory in which case if it is something you want to keep it can be d/l to the PC (or moved to the HDD) and the offending version can then be deleted.

    DCC can do all of the above but it is possible to do harm so work with care.

    If all that fails you can delete lameDB but you will have to replace all the configs and settings (especially if have a multi-LNB or steerable system),
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    As far as I remember - if your dreambox memory is full, the box locks to read only mode and you can't delete anything. You end up needing to reflash the image, you can ftp into it first though and transfer file to your computer, relflash and the then copy the files from your computer back to the box.

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