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Thread: Help needed with Greek channels on Vu+ Solo se

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    Help needed with Greek channels on Vu+ Solo se

    Helo everybody. I leave in UK. Gone to and found all details about digea sat.
    Having an ***** dark motor and now I get 93 percent on Astra 28.2 BUT 60 percent on Eutelsat 3E to the Greek channels.
    My decoder VU+ solo se can see the names of the Greek channels but don't clear up them and I have done the following:

    TUNER Tuner A:Vuplus DVB-S NIM(AVL6211)(DVB-S2)
    Type of scan User defined transponder
    System DVB-S2
    Satellite 3.1E Eutelsat 3A/3D..Rascom QAF1R Ku Band
    Frequency 12738
    Inversion Auto
    Symbol rate 15055
    Polarization horizontal
    FEC 3/4
    Modulation QPSK
    Roll-off 0.35
    Pilot Auto
    Network scan no
    Clear before scan no
    Only free scan no

    I checked the motor and on 0.8E get 83 percent signal.

    Where I make mistake.
    Can someone help please ?
    Thank you in advance.
    Harry from Athens-Greece.

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    The Greek channels, on 12738 H, are listed as being encrypted, using BISS, they aren't FTA, Free To Air.

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