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Thread: Looking for simplest/quickest cccam client setup.

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    Looking for simplest/quickest cccam client setup.

    Hello All!

    Firstly, apologies.. I would normally search and browse but am very short on time...

    I am looking for the easiest and quickest way to add clines to a friends new Zero 4K. It is fresh out the box.

    Do I have to install a non-default image? If so, please can you suggest a simple stable one.

    Is there something that can be downloaded directly to box or is it only FTP etc.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Probably your fastest solution is to install OpenViX image, install Oscam from the Softcam plugins menu and then use Softcam Concierge to convert your cline to work in oscam.

    SoftCam Concierge can also be used to send the config file to the box.

    Link to download SoftCam Concierge below******erver

    You can find OpenViX image by doing a simple Google search.

    Hope that helps.

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    Personally I always go back to the Blackhole image for my VU+ Solo 2 SE. I find it easy to use than all the rest, and I think I've tried most other images.

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    There isn't a VU+ Solo 2 SE model listed, on the vuplus website, only a VU+ Solo2, or a VU+ Solo SE.

    The only model, I can find, listed as a VU+ Solo2 SE, was a clone, and not a genuine VU+ receiver, check on the VU+ website:

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