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Thread: Setting up for terrestrial on Vuplus Duo 4k SE

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    Setting up for terrestrial on Vuplus Duo 4k SE

    There is a spare module position for terrestrial purposes, possibly a DVB-T2 dual tuner will do. I have an aging Humax HDR Fox T2 which will need to be replaced soon, has done very well over the years and I wish to echo its facilities on the Duo. There is a page on the physical insertion of the module in the Vuplus manual, but no information as to the setup procedure. Perhaps there are terrestrial plugins required and an idiot's installation guide somewhere ? Is it possible to use different memory locations for satellite and terrestrial recordings, and is the Rytec system still valid for terrestrial, and which menu route is required ? Perhaps things are self evident with more menu settings after the new module is installed ?

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    You set it up as a separate tuner, in the tuner settings menu, so it has nothing to do with your satellite tuner settings.
    I doubt it will work the same as your Humax, as that is probably a dedicated terrestrial receiver, and not a satellite tuner.
    If you have an internal HDD fitted, or an external, USB, storage device, you should be able to set up direct, and timer, recordings, quite easily.

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    I dont have the 4k duo2 but if you fit a dvb c/t.t2 tuner card or the external vu plus it will appear as an extra tuner , my duo2 its C but these multiple tuners can have several so could be a higher letter like I or J or whatever

    you can set it up as a T2 tuner and can scan foir channels on that tuner , it will scan in like a tv or freeview box , you can add these to your own bouquet by adding a Freeview bouquet and select in the channel list as usual

    I would expect that any recordings would be in media/hdd/movie where mine is, same as a solo2 using a vu plus external usb tuner , so same as satellite recordings, I doubt that you can have a different location just for that T1/T2 tuner

    the actual setup procedure is nothing to do with the box, but everything to do with the image you have put onto the box, be it openBH , or open ATV or whatever image of choice you used , hence why its not in the manual

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