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Thread: Having trouble logging in

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    Question Having trouble logging in

    since the move having to try a number of times to see forum posts and sometimes takes ages for the page to load,most times will not load at all forum page stays blank have to retry over and over,also edit post did not work,had to retry no of times
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    I haven’t experienced any of these issues, Joe.

    Try logging out of the forum.

    Clear out your browser cache for anything Satpimps related.

    Then login again.

    That should sort it out.

    In Firefox

    Select Settings.

    Enter the word cache into the search box.

    Select Manage data.

    Type satpimps into the Manage cookies and site data search box.

    Click the Remove All Shown button.

    Click Save Changes button.

    In Chrome

    Open Dev Tools by pressing: F12

    Right click on the reload button next to the URL address bar.

    Choose: "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"

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    No problems here either using Win10 Pro and Firefox , i had to go back to a previous Firefox version as the very most recent version which was forced upon me without my consent looks like complete and utter dog-sh1t and i had to block all future Firefox updates at least until they put it right again .
    i think using C Cleaner may help as it sounds like your computer and/or browser is overloaded , try Chrome see if its any better ?
    really it sounds like you are using the fully loaded with malware Internet explorer browser ??
    if so good luck with that ,lol's : )

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    Fine here too using MS Edge browser!

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