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Thread: Loading config with Softcam Concierge

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    Loading config with Softcam Concierge

    For some reason the Concierge can't find the boxes IP on the network with this box ? (Zgemma H7S with Open Vix) I'm trying to help my friend (neighbour) setup his new box. We managed to setup all three tuners, scan in the channels , setup Epg picons and install softcam plugin( oscam latest) but can't load the keys. I know the box is connected to the internet and when I type its IP in browser I can open webif but when I try to load the keys with consierge is showing 'can't find Ip'.? Are there other ways of loading the config to the box and more importantly where do I load it on OpenVix? Sorry to be such an amateur and asking stupid questions. I can use my own Vu just fine and loaded new keys to it with concierge not even a month ago but Im struggling to do this on friends Zgemma

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    New images now require that a password is set on the box before you can connect by FTP.

    Telnet into the box and type passwd

    You'll then be asked to enter a password

    Enter a password and then confirm the password, again.

    Once you've done that, enter that password into Softcam Concierge and it will now connect to the box.

    Here's a video tutorial that Goldwafers made, showing how to change the password using Telnet.

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    Thank you very much for your help. I would never have guessed that it needs a password now . I set it up in network menu on the box (thought I try the easy way first lol) It actually does say in there that password is now mandatory, but I would never even look in there if you didn't point me in the right direction. Now the concierge connects to the box without any issues. Thanks again
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