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Thread: Download issues.

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    Download issues.

    Hi Folk's,
    I have not long bought a Z*****h9s stb, and have flashed it with openATV 6.4 Since then I've had trouble trying to downloading:enigma2-softcam-cccam-all-images_2.3.2r1_arm-mips_all(1).ipk. plugin. Everything's fine until I come to the point where it says press green to install enigma2-softcams-cccam-all-images_2.3.2-r1_arm-mips_all(1).ipk. after pressing the green install button, at the top of the screen it says: installing software, but the installation progression line below stays blank. Below that there's a message which says: Done!-0 packages installed, upgraded, or removed packages (with 0 errors) Then the other line at the bottom is completely blue. I have tried about 4 or 5 times with the same results. I'm pretty new to all this, so I don't know what to do next. I would appreciate any help or guidance from anyone please. Thanks.

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    When highlighting the file press enter / ok (whatever it is on your box) It will put a tick in the selection box. Then press green.
    It should then install. I had this happen many times when a noobie until I worked it out.

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    I've always had to re-flash when this has happened to me on a Vu+Duo2. Had the same issue when trying to intall other plug ins on Open BlackHole. Likely some dependency but have never figured it out.

    I also have a ZGemma H9S but have Pure2 installed on mine. Not had this issue on this image. Also all cams installed and managed via pManager in Pure2 so this problem won't present itself. Also has FNC plug-ins on Pure2.
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