Hi all and Merry Christmas,

Satellite stuff has moved on over the past ten years, and I'm in need of an update. I now use Emby for house distribution of video recordings and music, and it works well with the HdHomerun Quattro freeview receiver. What I want now is for FTA S2 satellite to be just as easy for Emby, and it doesn't seem to play well with S2 unless it's a M3u or HRTunerProxy device.

To sum up, I want to be able to watch satellite tv directly with the receiver, and look for feeds with my motorised dish. I also want Emby to be able to record channels from it through my home LAN - possibly at the same time.


1. Is the VU+ Duo 4k SE a good candidate ? Can it do this or should I go satip and a separate receiver for the motorised dish ?
2. How do I know which of the VU+ software images is best for me ? Is there a list of what each image can and cannot do ?
3. Does anybody have experience of Emby with these satellite boxes ? M3u or HRTunerProxy ?
4. Duo not Uno, as I may add more dish feeds to it.

Any other advice ?