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Thread: Motorised Dish-Alignment

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    Motorised Dish-Alignment

    I've just had to replace my satellite dish motor and when resetting up the dish I find that I can get some satellites but not all on the arch that I had before.
    As per instruction on previous forum threads I have made sure that my mounting wall brackets and my mounting pole are 100% align .
    My new motor mounts onto my vertical poll and the motor is set to zero. On my new motor there is adjustment to set the Latitude ( for me thats 53)
    I then mounted my dish onto the motor pole and aligned with new motor , and lnb .
    On my dish there is another adjustment which is for the elevation / Declination angle. This is where I am not sure I have it right -looking at you tube It say for me the elevation angle is 37 and the declination angle is 7.6 . What I have then done is take the 7.6 from 37 and this leaves a dish angle of 29.4 . This is were I think that I might be going wrong, could anybody give me any more advice.
    At present I can get 28.2,19.2,16.0 and 13.0 east I cannot get Thor 0.8w which is the highest satellite to me. If I set up on Thor ( using a Horizon sat meter) I lose all the other sats listed above.

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    I'm not sure where you're getting your bracket readings from, personally I would ignore then all, as they are only a guide.
    If, as you state, your pole is 100% vertical, and strong enough to hold your dish/motor, without bending, or moving, then you have to start from the beginning.

    If you already have everything at 0, then reset your receiver, check your Latitude, and Longitude readings, at sites like, by entering your postcode, zooming in on the map, and positioning the red icon to your house.
    Remember that negative Longitude readings = West, positive = East.

    Adjust the brackets so that your dish is almost vertical, then using your receiver move the motor to Thor 1W. Now, using your satellite meter, physically move your dish to 1West, and adjust the brackets, to get the strongest possible signal.
    Now using your receiver send it to 13E, and make a note of the signal quality readings, then 16E, 19.2E. 23.5E, and 28.2E, noting down all the signal quality readings, now send it to the West, 5W, and others, until you reach 30W, again noting the satellite, channel, transponder details, and especially the signal quality level, then post them on this thread.
    Strongest TV Transponders (

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