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Thread: Icecrypt S1600CHD Biss code entry

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    Icecrypt S1600CHD Biss code entry

    I have an old box which has lost the BISS codes . I have tried to reenter them through the menu. I went to CA and tried to raise the hidden menu using 1407 , but no hidden menu appears. Does anyone know if there is a way to solve the problem , please ?

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    If that does not work, sounds as if it is not patched.
    This is how
    1. Press on remote button Menu
    2. Go to CA ( Condtition Access ) and press button OK
    3. Go to CA Settings and press button OK
    4. Then use a digit buttons on you remote and press 1407. On right to corner you will see what you are typing.
    5. After you will see hidden menu options.
    6. Go to Key Edit and press OK.
    7. Go to BBC BISS and press OK
    8. Now you can insert a BISS key!
    9. To add a letters use colored buttons. For A is P+ for B is P-. On screen you can see what colored button is for what letter.

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    Thanks. I have finally got the box working again . I did so by following some advice on an old thread by Coldasice. I downloaded a file he'd posted and that got everything started except the channels were scrambled , but I was in a position of being able to change the BISS codes . I looked at the codes on another Icecrypt 1600CHD SE box . The box with the problem was just 1600CHD . The codes didn't work. I managed to find an old code in my paperwork which must have been the one I used originally with the problem box . Although I didn't expect it to work I decided to try it . To my surprise it worked. Everything is now fine , but there is one weird thing . I now have channel 5 , which I never had before, but without any sound . Can you throw any light on that ?

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