I know this is an aging receiver now (about 5 years old) but I believe it is still relevant today and still has it's place. Full HD, triple plug and play tuners, dual core (1300Mhz) processor, 2GB Flash, 2GB Ram, OLED display etc. All that said, does anyone know of any new E2 images available as I've just been given this receiver from a friend. He recently purchased a new VU+ 4K and asked if I wanted this receiver, obviously as a satellite enthusiast I said yes. I was given a couple OpenHDF images on a USB drive too, but I like PurE2 and VIX images personally. Having scouted around the internet it seems that support for this receiver is very limited but I think that's a shame as I think it is as good as (if not better than) any other modern receivers of today. Any help would be appreciated.