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Thread: Dm8000

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    Check in the extensions plugin section to see if there is anything else you need to install to get the DVD Player going. Basically just install everything DVD related from the plugins menu to be sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disco Man View Post
    Just flashed my DM8000 with latest openatv. I tried to connect the box with DCC, It's conneted but you can not see the contents in the box, you can only see the contents in the pc.

    I wonder if openatv uses different password and username for DM8000
    OpenATV 6.4 onwards requires you to set a password

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    Thanks for that.

    If someone has contact details for should ask them to make new updates for DM8000.
    The box works fine if you install the latest image of OpenATV or OpenPLi.

    The only problem of these 2 images is the dvd player not working perfectly.

    Newnigma2 image works pefectly for dvd player, the problem now is the box won't pick up some channels when scanning, it loses tuner data.

    If you click on this link you will see they still provide latest updates for other DM boxes but not DM8000

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