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Thread: Mount manager setting

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    Mount manager setting

    Hi guys,
    Just bought a DM 525 combo for the spare room, but unlike other DB's and the VU it doesnt seem to have a way of running files from another box - ie. mount manager feature. Didnt think to check- my fault. Is there an image that will allow this on this box. Am very happy with it otherwise.
    Many thanks for any help - Brain

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    network, mount manager, network browser, should find all devices...

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    Hi ManikM,
    Thanks for your help. I have now managed to resurrect my DB7020HD - all working brilliantly- 10 years old, while my DB8000HD is probably 12-13 years old - I love these machines. I think the problem with the 525 is the image it comes with - not fully like the main images so now all the other things being working and in place, I will put a new image on the 525 and see if the order you give is there - it is on my other DB's but not on the 525 hence my puzzled state. Thanks again for your help/ Brain

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