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Thread: ftp connection

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    thanks everyone for all your help
    my problem is sorted now
    i have 2 routers
    my laptop was connected via wifi to the other router
    ive now connected to the other router via wifi which the zero4k is connected to and all seems fine
    now i will do some more reading up and figure out how to add my lines
    thanks again for all your help and suggestions
    regards to all

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    Glad to see you are sorted rockero but to make all of our lives a little easier it would have helped us all if you explained the complexity of your home network.

    My guess is you maybe don't understand how to configure your network as there is no point in having two routers on the same IP range both using DHCP to dynamically assign IP addresses.

    Remember, if you share all the information from the beginning then the help you receive will be much more accurate than wild ideas pulled out of the air.

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