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Thread: Good old days

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    Good old days

    iThis year i bought a a good console
    last time i bought a playstation was in the 90s
    playstation classic is good

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    ps1 was the nuts back in the day. I don't think I could face playing anything of that vintage again and ruin the rose tinted glasses

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    Street Fighter , Mortal Combat , Crash Bandicoot , Resident Evil 3 Nemesis , Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , Sonic , Double Dragon [ Epic Game ] , Bubble Bobble [ highly addictive ] , Splatterhouse [ very fun game ] , Robocop , Michael Jackson's Moonwalker [ real funny game ] , Wonder Boy in monster land , Rainbow Island ...
    my fav game of all was Striker '96 i played that to death just an awesome game back when i was in my late teen's

    i had quite a major collection of games i really wish i had kept them and the original PS1 it might be worth a bit of money today .... but prob not knowing my luck ,lol's

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