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Thread: DM500HD and DreamUp

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    DM500HD and DreamUp

    My dream 500hd does not communicate with DreamUp when trying to put a flash image.

    Anyone see any solution?

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    What image do you have ?

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    I have not owned one for years but I though your flashed it via the web browser ?

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    You do normally flash via WEB unless your bootloader is history. If I recall correctly one needs to keep hold of the power button when turning the power on to get it into bootloader mode where it will display the IP to use. If not working then you have to use dreamup via serial port to flash stock before getting back to using normal images.

    Issues I recall were to do with serial cable type. I believe you needed a cross-over cable. Other issue was to do with OS being used not allowing easy use of COM ports. Always kept a VM of WinXP so that I could use this on my old 800 when needed. Thankfully only ever had to use it twice before I stopped making trouble for myself by sticking to known good images. LOL

    Suggest OP post any errors being seen & setup being used for more clues. This will make it easier to offer more specific advice.
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    Openpli are still compiling unsupported images

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    Dreambox did not communicate with dreamUp because the controller was missing.

    Now it works 100%.

    Thank you all

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