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Thread: Vu+ Zero Recording with IPTV

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    Vu+ Zero Recording with IPTV

    I am having problems recording with IPTV, I use a ex 500gb HDD.
    My problem is, the recordings will not gone beyond 2hr 2min. Any recording under that time is OK.
    Is there a way to set the recording time on this box?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    a typical old cause of this issue is the formatting of the hdd

    ie:- if it is in fat32 than you would have problems like this

    most drives would be formatted in ext4 or similar (or possibly NTFS)- but NOT fat32

    so check the formatting of this drive to start with, ideally allowing the VU to format it, not a pc or laptop

    bear in mind that reformatting it will wipe the drive and so any recordings would be lost

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    Further to the above I have recorded a test program using a 8GB stick that the zero formatted.
    I want to transfer the test program to a SD Card so I can insert it into my Samsung for traveling.
    My problem now is that the stick is not recognised by my Laptop to carry out this function,
    I would be grateful for advice on how I progress.

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    You can transfer the recorded file from the Zero to your PC/Laptop via FTP; The recorded file will be in the /media/usb/movie folder.
    The easy way is to use the "Media Files Manager" option in Vu+ Control Center.

    Press the Media Files Manager button.
    Choose PVR Device, select USB HDD.
    You should then see your recordings in the box below.
    Click on your recording, so it's highlighted, then press the Download button.
    It will transfer the file to the folder selected in the window on the left.

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