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Thread: Dm7020/8000

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    Hi Guys,
    I think I must be losing the plot with my Dreamboxes!! LOL Both now come up with .ipkg errors when I try to install TS media. Can anyone suggest if there is a newer, better media app or how I get rid of .ipkg errors? Ive not usually been stuck like this before. Any suggestions [ other than but a new box!! LOL] will be very welcome indeed. Thanks in advance. Brain[less!!]

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    Don't you need to install deb apps ? not ipk ?

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    No ipk is right for DM 8000/7020
    If you have the TSmedia Plugin already installed try it with the following command in Telnet :
    opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite hxxp://
    you have to edit the Version number ( tsmedia_11.0_all.ipk ) with your Version
    and also replace hxxp with http
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    Thanks for the responses and help. Thankyou too Harddriver but I tend not to use telnet, but was about to try when I went via TSpanel to see memory and the .ipkg seem to be generated by memory, so a bit of careful wiping and all back and up running. Thankyou too to powercisco for the new TSpanel uploaded. Cheers - Brain

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