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Thread: Easy wi-fi setup for the Hitech HB9000

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    Easy wi-fi setup for the Hitech HB9000

    Easy WiFi setup for the HiTech Box 9000

    As regards kit, all you’ll need is a wifi dongle (small, USB antenna) that you can get at an electronic parts store. They’re not expensive.

    1. With the Box turned off, disconnect the ethernet cable at the back. Connect the USB antenna, to either of the USB ports.

    2. Switch on the unit, click Menu, then open Network (the option on the lower far right).

    3. Go to “Link Type” and identify “WiFi Network” from the drop-down choices. Immediately the screen will ask you to identify your internet service provider. After doing so you will be asked to enter your password (the same as for your ethernet connection).

    4. After entering your password, go straight to the bottom of the page and hit “Link” (no need to manually enter the details of your IP address, subnet mask, etc. The Box will remember them from your ethernet connection).

    5. At that point you should see the message “Network Success”.

    6. Exit everything and start enjoying.

    NOTE: If you want to go back to ethernet operation you may need to re-enter your network password each time.

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    Thanks Jacabo40 very helpful post.

    Suitable USB WiFi dongles are available from our site sponsor.

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    If I want to use the HB9200 with a WIFI 11N USB adapter and connect to a hotspot this requires a local login dialogue with the hotspot giving a Login ID and a password, can this be done or is it only with router requiring just one login password.

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