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Thread: Loop out on receiver

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    Loop out on receiver

    Guys I have got a tm nano se and all working great however I have a second box in my shed connected from the loop out of the nano and into the sat in of the other box.

    With this setup I am getting no signal.

    I do get a signal using the same cable but connected to the feed from the LNB.

    Anyone got any ideas.

    The ninja

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    is the first reciver powered off wen trying the second one

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    Because of the way that Uni LNBs work there are effectively 4 bands, thus:
    Lower V
    Lower H
    Upper V
    Upper H

    The second box on the loop through will only receive channels in the band that the prime box is using.

    Try tuning to exactly the same channel on both boxes and see if that allows the second box to work.

    To be honest loop through is a pain in the $&+ and a Quad LNB with a a separate cable is what you will eventually end up with.

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