OpenViX-Helios 017 AVAILABLE NOW

OpenViX Helios-Enigma2 GIT CHANGELOG

openvix: build 905
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master', skipped '' as Rowland maintains this.
Correctly flag encrypted channels during service scan
Fix picon position when scrollbar at the left side is used
Revert "Small obtimalizations to InfoBarScreenSaver"
Revert "Solve a debug code I used to test the screensaver"
Do not reserve place for crypto icon when not required
remove path info of installed packages in Install extensions and put it into screen title only. List sorted alphabeticaly.
added sort for SelectionList and resize it from 505 to 650 for item 1
Satconfig: added the latest suggestions from Huevos
[Translatons] FI Update, thanks TimoJ!
[Tuner config] Rename a couple of items and hide some less used options
Update de.po
added selecting behaviour on end of file in movieplayer from choicebox placed under programeable button
fixed sort via choicebox in movieplayer for displaying selector on used sorting
add orbital position into timer events for better identify when exist more sources
[Sat finder] Open with 'Pre defined transponder as default', suggested by Rob.
[Sat finder] revert 'start with predefined transponder as default'.
[Sat finder] open with predefined transponder as default, as suggested by Rob.
[AVSwitch] fix component colour setting.
[TimeShift] revert the clean on TS start, as it breaks the ability to save and continue to record TS files.
[Translations] NO update, thanks Stig-O


openvix: build 017
[beyonwiz] updated bootlogo
[gigablue] * changes to defconfig, because of some user experience stale on boot, this changes will ensure it don't happen
[blackbox] update drivers 01.05.2014 Improved CI, Card Reader, recording
[netatalk] fix files to stop warnings.
[openoam] add missing files to stop warnings.
[openvix] fix bootlogo build.
[beyonwiz] version 4.1 fo oe-a 2.1
[dags] fix SRC_URI
[vuplus-hbbtv] revert as it still fails to start.

Images can be downloaded directly from the OpenViX server ( Link Below )
or via a online update
menu> setup> software update.

or via a telnet session with the following command

init 4 && opkg update && opkg upgrade && init 6