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Thread: stuck on boot kinda

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    stuck on boot kinda

    giga blue hd 800 se plus i got a new line, the supplier would not load it so i got a tech guy to load it, well the line supplier had the line wrong, but all went well, line loaded picture perfect, came home but the line was not working, rang the tech guy who said to contact the line supplier, it seemed that the ip was wrong, i was tutered over the fone got things as i was told, the the tech guy sais the dhcp could not be right, so i attempted to sort it, (i am a tech stooge) now i have the boot sign on the front of the box, but it is running the fta perfect, btw it is running open rsi, ideas suggestions or even critism are welcome, also i had to return the box after getting it for a jtag.
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