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Thread: Advanced IP Scanner for Windows

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    Advanced IP Scanner for Windows

    Anybody with a windows pc or laptop can use this tool to determine the box was actually on the network -

    Advanced IP Scanner.

    See it in action and/or download from here:::
    It's free for home use and it's quite a handy little tool.
    With just one button to click it becomes an extremely user friendly tool.
    A right click on an entry in the results pane opens up a list of options and tools such as ping, tracenet, telnet and ssh.

    It just takes a couple of seconds to scan a network and gives you the
    STATUS, NAME, IP, MANUFACTURER - and- MAC address of everything on your network in the results pane.

    Armed with this information it just is not possible to enter the wrong IP address in any software -
    either in the VuCC by Lee or in any ftp program such as filezilla without using the VuCC.

    thanks go to teduk for telling this forum about it

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