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Thread: infinity usb pheonix question

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    infinity usb pheonix question

    Hi everybody just a very general question ,
    these days are they any use .
    sat tv has been my hobby for a few years now
    ive been playing with openbox s9 tm 5200 ,
    and have been given a triple dragon reciever ,with it came the infinity usb pheonix,and a t rex cam
    just for research ,were these programmers used to enter key data to a blank card then slot the card into box to open chans ?or were they used to copy existing cards?
    would just like a simple explaination of what they are or were used for

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    They were used to program cards, like the fun cards, M2, Titanium, etc.. when updates were released. As you can do far more with receivers now, and open more channels, the programmer, or cards, aren't of much use anymore.

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