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Thread: flashcart doing my head in now!

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    flashcart doing my head in now!

    hi guys, trying to research the best flashcard to get for my 3ds and its got my head battered so im after some advice.

    i know the carts cant play 3ds roms but i have a few ds roms that i used to play on my old flashcart that is not compatable with my lovely shiney 3ds and i want to be able to play them on that..

    so questions are.. what flash cart is the best one to get that the moment.. im guessing its an r4 but if so what version and where would be a place to get one from in the uk as the store i used to get stuff like this from is no more..

    cheers for your advice guys!

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    Acekard 2i works well, suppliers chop and change a bit, but you should find one on google.

    It's illegal to sell them in the UK now, so the only option is to buy from outside the UK.


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