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Thread: NEMESIS 2.4 SVN(098r6)

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    NEMESIS 2.4 SVN(098r6)

    NEMESIS 2.4 SVN(098r6) Dual Enigma on-line!!!
    Latest 2.3 095r6 stable version Here

    Attention for all users, please read here before updating!!!

    Timeline 098r6

    All updates until 095r6 are included
    Move to 2.4 version
    Changed bootlogo
    Update dm7020hd dreambox-dvb-modules (20111102)
    Add LED Manager plugin
    Add full new Enigma 3.2 features (Only Using Mode 1)
    Update enigma2-plugins
    Update CrossEPG (Now you do download Rytec Provider)
    You can run this image in two mode:

    Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2

    Blindscan Support (Tuner: BCM4505, BCM4506, Alps BSBE1 C01A/D01A)
    No CrossEPG patch
    No LCN Scanner patch
    No Full USB-DTT features
    Full Enigma2 3.2 features
    Known bugs on 3.2 with USB-DTT Pen inserted

    Problem with crypted channels
    Problem to play recorded movie
    Mode 2: Enigma2 Experimental

    No Blindscan Support
    CrossEPG patch
    LCN Scanner patch
    More Enigma2 binary patch
    Full USB-DTT features
    After flashing, the image start in Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2
    If you want change Mode, you can choose enigma2 to run via Blue Panel:

    Blue->Yellow->Configure Console/RC/Enigma->Select Enigma Version
    Restart Enigma2

    Timeline 095r6

    Update to InitramFS 1.8, for all Machines (thanks @gutemine)
    Fix some italian translation
    Update Lithuanian Language (Thanks @adga)
    Update sqlite to (dm7020hd)
    Update CCID to 1.4.5
    Update CrossEPG
    Update CrossEPG (mpepg.conf) for Mediaset (Thanks @pappa)
    Add MerlinEPGCenter plugin on Extension
    Add New RC config (Enigma Key Green Swap) Green Key Press = subchannel
    Green Key Press >1s = EPG Manager
    Blu->Yellow->Setup Console/RC to choice RC Map.

    Update enigma2
    Update enigma2-plugins

    Update Instruction

    No update on-line for 098r6!!!!

    If you have a SVN version < 092, or SSL < 84, follow this:

    Flash SecondStage Loader 84-r0 (nfi version)
    Flash Image SVN 095r6 or 098r6 if you install a 095r6 you can't upgrade to 098r6 on-line
    if you want to try a 098r6 you do reflashing.
    If you have a SVN version >= 092, or SSL = 84

    You can directly flash a new 095r6 or 098r6

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    I cannot update with this image, 098r6.

    I get "server not found! Please check internet connection." when I use Download extra, some TSpanel plugins and update Rytec providers.

    Anyone know a fix for this? The SVN 093 patch is not working.

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    where to download please?

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    You'll be lucky to find this now, the thread and image are both 7 years old !
    Try looking for something more up to date like the openatv-6.2-dm800se image


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