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Thread: Galaxis Matrix JSTV firmware?

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    Galaxis Matrix JSTV firmware?

    Our decoder recently went on the blink with a "noSF" error.
    Managed to get it back working loading various versions of Galaxis matrix software.
    We have a subscription to JSTV but no without the specific Galaxis Matrix JSTV firmware loaded it won't decrypt the signal.

    I loaded EasyRider 4 last night but this won't even find the JSTV channels.

    If I can get the JSTV firmware I think I can get it working!
    IQZONE has nearly every other Matrix software version except JSTV.
    There seems to be a lot of German info out but I can't seem to find anything relevant.

    All help would be appreciated!

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    when u have bootloader 3.10spez on...u can use also an 2MB Firmware like EasyRider 3.16.8.....

    in case copy your bootlog here

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    Hi Sean!

    I've got a JSTV, but no manual or software. I even had to go to a German auction site to find a remote for it.

    You're welcome to a copy of its firmware, but you'll have to tell me what's required. I can make up a serial cable, but presumably need some Galaxis software to get the ports talking to each other.

    I'd like my firmware backed up anyway, along with the channel lists if possible, so we'd be doing each other a favour.



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