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Thread: Hitech 9200 crash

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    Hitech 9200 crash

    After installing the latest software my box crashed. I have tried the recovery file but after pressing ok I get "Open file fail"
    I would appreciate any advice on the next step please?

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    Update, I have found the problem. The USB stick I was using for both recovery and file install was faulty.
    I tried a couple of others and found one that was ok. All back to normal.

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    This has happened to many of us on here m8. There's a pretty long thread on here somewhere when it first happened to me.Mine was still under guarantee.I tried all day with different sticks.I contacted Lee at Goldwafers,he sent me another recovery file but still that wouldn't work.I then went out and bought another stick,put Lee's file on it and it worked.I now keep that stick just in case it needs recovering again.I've used it twice since then and it's worked first time.
    Glad you got it sorted.
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