Has a Miracelbox 9 HD Twin Signum, it is equivalent to Octagon SF1208.
I found a file that I converted to MB9 using IRD Resell Converter, the file is for BlackBox for HS8200.
But now I can't get rid of this image how I test.
Tested with USB (both front and rear), via the RS232 port and in the box via USB.
The box detects both the USB memory and the RS 232 connector, but updating inside the box does not go.
Tested a lot of different image but there will only be error message: Err: 0X10 and that means wrong ID number, but I have entered via IRD Reseller the correct ID.

Someone who has tips on how to go about changing image?
It goes with FTP via File Zilla ex.

Reg. G