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    on my vu+ultimo im reflashing it. backing up what i needed but on the hard drive i have loads of obh,vix,atv in rar folders. are these back up if so can i delete them all before reflash.

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    No idea seagate, why not unrar them and have a look at whats inside ?
    if they're not big files and your not running out of disk space then it's not a problem leaving them as a reflash wont touch your HDD

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    If using Open Black Hole you can use the menu, to delete old backups, y going into the Backup menu.
    They are usually listed with the American date style, with the latest being at the top.
    The Settings backup is usually full, unless you regularly delete old backups, as these seem to be done after every update.

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    RE OpenVIX:

    backup folder contains settings backup's
    which would give you the option to restore settings & plugins that have been installed via OpenVIX feeds,

    they usually have .tar.gz extension

    imagebackups folder contains full Image backups

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