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Thread: VU UNO 4K vs 4Kse

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    VU UNO 4K vs 4Kse

    Hi, Been learning and getting files from here since first owning a Humax 5400. For years now I have had a VU Duo which I used without updates as nothing much was opening and I could stream any sport I wanted to watch (in crap quality) or watch with friends that have Sky TV.

    As I am now living in Switzerland, friends with Sky is not possible. So I thought I would start making an effort again. I have seen I can buy The Vu Uno 4K much cheaper here than the SE. Is the display the only difference or will I regret being a tight arse. Any info would be appreciated

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    The SE has the front panel display, hdmi in and will take a 2.5" internal hdd, it also supports HDR10 and HLG, whereas I believe the Uno4K (without SE) only supports HDR and has no space for any internal hdd.
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    The SE is so much better and more reliable

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