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Thread: updating channels on icecrypt box S1600chd

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    Quote Originally Posted by squirepete View Post
    I get 27.5W on Technomate TM 5402 Mk3 although this is no longer supported.
    Also TM Nano SE+ (linux) Both clear More4+1. Easy edited the name on 5402
    But struggling to edit the name on TM Nano edit lamedb etc. no luck yet.
    Its name is still Film4+1 on EPG etc.
    i have tried everything to clear it today and still black, there must be some difference in the transmission of more4+1, i had it working perfectly on vusolo for years and now not, i am hoping some one can post up lamedb to see if any difference from before

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    The only difference in the lamedb is 4f80 becomes 4fc0.
    Change this in keys also.

    p:Channel 4,c:001d4d,c:011d4e,c:031d4d,c:05 0001,c:090000,c:121d4e,C:2600,f:1 004

    p:Channel 4,c:001d4d,c:011d4e,c:031d4d,c:05 0001,c:090000,c:121d4e,C:2600,f:1 004

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