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Thread: Beyond 30W...anything out there?

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    Icon6 Beyond 30W...anything out there?

    I have a OBH Vu+Duo2 and Pure2 ZGemma H9S (just for the 4K bits in the sky) with 3 dishes. 1 minidish fixed 28E and a USALS 1.1m offset which I can see from (at least) 46E to annoyingly 27.5W, so further down garden I have an old 1.1m centre feed C120 that looks at 30W Hispasat.

    My question is, is it worth motorising my Hispasat dish (would change to an offset/USALS setup) to look further West beyond 30 degrees. Much to see from here in the UK? Or would I just be wasting some cash?

    Cheers as always in advance!

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    Nothing really past 30w in KU band, other than the odd feed.

    There is some C-band stuff that you "might" get a signal on, but again not a huge amount afaik.

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    as above, I wouldnt bother looking for anything past 30 west , so I too have a fixed dish on it as well as a motorised dish, for multiple feeds to boxes

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