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Thread: What do people say about you

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    What do people say about you

    I moved nearly about 4 years ago, from shrewsbury to twynn some heavy winds in the winter
    any way this bloke said to me in the pub i see you some times you seem to be a world of your own,
    i said to him if you think that its up to you !!! all my m8s are in shrews
    i said to him look ' i just walk my dog on the beach every day
    i dont care about you

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    i have no idea what peeps say about me nor do i really care that much to be honest ,
    i have a sense of humor and have a very similar attitude as you i guess
    i am too buzy being ME and doing my own thing to worry about others opinions good or bad ,
    i avoid silly meaningless confrontations as well if someone says i am in a world of my own then fine people grow old and that is just how life goes ,
    but to me most important part of life for me is helping people that have Realistic life struggles and simply are not able anymore to help themselves do basic day to day stuff best friend turned 85 this year ...just a few weeks ago infact will really hurt once again when his time is up and i loose another good friend ... not many of them around anymore that are kind and really appreciate any help they can get .
    That is Life Marco help those that need it the most as life is way too short when they are gone ,
    i hope someone will remember me when i get anywhere close to that milestone in life .
    Good luck in your new life in twynn @ Marco

    cheers !

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