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Thread: How To erase c lines

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    How To erase c lines

    hi every one

    i have Vu solo 4k i would like erase my current c lines and put my new c lines on using the softcam concierge

    i just dont know how to erase the current lines i know how to load them on

    please help

    many thanks


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    Well most people would use a program like dreambox control center to access to cccam.cfg file that usually lives in /etc or usr/keys on openatv images. You would paste your c lines into the cccam.cfg file and then save, now just do the opposite delete the lines in the files and save the file.

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    as above, or use flash fxp like me , or filezilla or something similar ( possibly like PUTTY ? ) - plenty of FTP programs about

    putting a hash sign ( # ) at the start of the c line will comment it out so it is inactive

    or delete the line or lines and save as mentioned above

    its typical file manipulation by using a file manager program and DCC is the oldest option still in use

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    Softcam concierge will overwrite your current config file with the new one you create. So just paste your new lines in and then click send to box. No need to mess about with FTP, Softcam concierge is designed to make life as easy as possible.

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