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Thread: mag 322 gone off

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    mag 322 gone off

    hi all, been absolutely ages since i have been on here! things change in the sat scene!
    anyway , back to my problem, i got a mag box which has been fine, anyway, it went off & the provider said to put in another line on the second portal, which i fine, but me being a novice i am not sure where to put it!! can anyone instruct me where to do it & what to do next!!
    you all may smile as you are experts in the filed! but i will take any advise anyone has gratefully
    thanks for listening

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    Hi Maggie, your explanation not too clear as to how exactly your MAG322 'went off'?
    Anyway, I have both a MAG250 and 256Wi, so not really familiar with your 322, but does look interesting as it has two USB ports!

    On mine, to get to edit portals, I:_
    1) Leave TV menu and scroll left to main Settings
    2) Select Inner Portal by scrolling down
    3) Select Settings within Inner Portal
    4) Select System Settings
    5) Select Servers
    6) Select Portals - and in here you can edit your IPTV provider info

    Hope this helps, please let us know how it goes!

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