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Thread: Any Security Alarm Engineer

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    Any Security Alarm Engineer

    Hi Guys, I have got an old pre 2000 Veritas Security Alarm. It won't allow me to reset corrupted part zones. Seems like the Engineer code is locked. It won't accept Engineer code 1234 any more. Can any of you clever Alarm Engineer please tell me how to unlock the Engineer code. Your help much appreciated. Regards

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    Not dealt with this type but mainly it goes like this,
    If there is an internal battery (flat one like on Computer Motherboards) try removing it (power down everything including battery backup first.).

    If That doesn't work there may be a tiny hole in the mainboard (not obvious to see) where you can insert a paper clip and hold for 5 seconds, this may do it.
    Other than those two, there are others that include pressing the tamper switch on the alarm box three times after powering up or for Pre-2000 is Code > 00 > 01 > New Code > PROG > RESET.
    Sorry if that doesn't help.

    Oh, google came up with this:-
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