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Thread: Icecrypt S1700C HD ?

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    Icecrypt S1700C HD ?

    hi folks, i'm new here so apologies if this is in wrong place but i have the chance of an Icecrypt S1700CHD and i wondered if i can set it up the same way as people do with the 1600 - i'm an i.t. pro so the tech doesn't worry me, just wondered if i can upgrade the firmware and use biss codes to receive uk tv via Intelsat 907.
    i'm in southern spain, by the way!

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    Just be advised there is no more support for icecrypt, and that si completely different stb to the 1600 as it is dual boot.
    I would get a stb with either support rt a cheap technomate which is easy to load the biss keys.
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    thanks manic!

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