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Thread: Spiderbox 6000HD channel list

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    Spiderbox 6000HD channel list

    Good Morning folks,

    I'm looking for a new channel list for my sister's 6000hd either 28.2E or a motorised list so if someone will be kind enough to post a compilation on here.


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    I believe quite a few people would love an up to date channel list for the hd 6000, I know I would. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone has created an up to date list or if they have they don't want to post it.

    What thIs seems to mean is we are going to have to find a solution ourselves and I must admit I don't have the ability to create an updated list so I am completely unable to resolve this problem, I think the problem is we have been too lazy, relied on others to do the work for us and have never learnt how to help ourselves.

    Sorry to sound so negative, I would love to be wrong but I don't think anyone is likely to bail us out by providing us a updated channel list anytime soon.

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    I did one for mine but don`t know how to get it off the box into a file

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    Hi In my opinion its always best to create your own channels list rather than rely on other peoples lists. Reason for this is that you may find channels are missing because dish is not lined up correctly and therefore are not tuned in or have been deleted because the person may not like channels that you like etc..I always prefer to do blind scans on satellites and then edit the channels in the way i want.. with the 6000 its very easy to do blind scans and channel editing.


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