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Thread: Silliest thing you have done !!!

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    Silliest thing you have done !!!

    Thursday night ,
    i have got 2 bank outs and my my mums

    I was on the the internet thursday night
    Thinking what have i done
    i wanted to draw a grand from my acount to my a other acount !!!
    then i fought lets draw some money panick statations !!!
    earliest ive got up

    ive transferd a grand into my ma's Bank acount and i fought it was mine
    Next day

    what about you !!!

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    I used to live in Germany, One day myself and a couple of friends thought we'd go to Amsterdam for the weekend. On the Friday we drove there and left the car by a canal. Went on the piss basically until the Sunday. None of us could remember where we had parked the car. After about 3 hours searching we ended up getting the train back to Osnabruck as we would have missed the last train if we left it any later and we had work the next day.
    I ended up having to go back to Amsterdam the next weekend to retrieve the car - and found it in about 10 minutes. That's about one of the stupidest things I've done - although I've done many!

    Gald you got your cash back though :-)

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    Next day hang over

    Wondered why the drill bit I was using wasn't working

    Then I realised the drill bit was in the wrong way round

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    About 20 years or so ago,
    I mistakenly put 30:00 of Super Unleaded into the fuel tank of my then Diesel Pickup which I used for my Fencing Buisness!

    The garage I used had changed the hoses & triggers on the Super Unleaded pumps,
    they changed the filler hoses & triggers to black just like the diesel ones.

    I got about 800 metres from the garage before the engine started to chug chug chug...

    I reached for my VAT receipt & relised my error.

    The tank on my pickup was held on by two straps so I managed to disconnect it & empty the contents into a jerrycan
    I sent one of my lads to the garage for some real diesel ��

    Lesson learnt

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    I use to work at a Ford Main Dealer so was always away on courses at Daventry , was booked into a Hotel we never used before (this was before sat Nav ) took me hours to find the Place got there about 1 in the morning.

    Next morning got up totally Knackered walked out the hotel pressed the key fob Hazards flashed doors opened so in i jumped .

    Put the key in the ignition could not release the steering lock or turn the key,looked out the window there is a guy there shaking his keys by the window i was sitting in his car he walked out behind me and had unlocked his car the same time i pressed my key fob

    Quick apologize and onto my car .

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    Silliest thing you have done !!!
    maybbe 7-8 Years ago i Put a bet on a tip i got i went All-in on the horse called Leaders Way
    600 straight on him saved 3 weeks wages to make the bet put the betting slip in my pocket thought nothing more about it was too buzy at work , next day looked up the results and the horse won @ 16/1 went to grab the betting slip only to find out my trousers went in the washing machine the previous night
    i did take my wallet out the night before but the betting slip was totally destroyed

    i also I mistakenly put 50:00 of Super Unleaded into the fuel tank of my Diesel van
    same scenario @ ^^COMPASS^^
    spent a full 2 hours pumping out the tank not only did i have to originally pay the 50 quid but then another 50 to fill up with Diesel
    since that lesson i always ensure to never need more than 15-20 quids worth of diesel !!
    guys at work found it really amusing and pretended to be petrol attendants for a full week asking me if i needed any more petrol for my van

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    6 of us went on first holiday has men(roughly 18)
    one of the guys parents had a holiday chalet in hale cornwall,which they gave us permission to use
    we arrived to find it was a nice camp...but very quiet
    so on the 3rd night we decided to take a taxi to st ives,has we had been told was good nightlife
    we went a few pubs and got talking to few local lads,they told us that we should go to buffalo club
    it turned out to be simular to a working mans club..few acts etc..bit of a let down
    but we got introduced to scrumpy..we had never had this
    on ordering 6 pints of scrumpy..the guy serving said take it easy on this stuff
    well 3 pints later,since we did not want play bingo,we decided grab a taxi back to hale and finish night off in local bar
    after bar closed we headed back to chalet and passed a chippy still open...i said get the food and i will go and turn heating on etc
    on arriving at chalet...i noticed light was on and on opening the door...found 2 young lads about 13/14 sitting on sofa
    i said wtf...but we are staying here...i said **** off and get out now
    just as i was about to politely eject them,a guy and his wife were standing there,luckily for me they knew i was in the party of six lads from chalet next door(they knew the guys parents who owned the chalet,and had been asked to look out for us)i made a very appologetic and quick exit.
    none of this did i mention to my friends.
    next day guys were going beach.i made my excuses,not wanting to go out incase the guy saw me and confronted me.
    so sitting all alone..crapping myself...then a knock on the door
    i plucked up courage,opened the door,to find the guy, his wife,and the 2 lads standing there,all laughing
    he handed me my ciggies and lighter i had left behind
    he asked what i had been drinking..i told him few beers and 3 pints scrumpy(which i had reffered to as pop)
    that explains it he said...peice of advice stay off the pop and stick to beer
    for the next week and half each time he saw me i got...hey up scrumpy accompanied by laughter


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