Hi Guys
Could do with a bit of help on this please.
Got a 5 year old Samsung 40 F 7000 series tv and it has developed a fault in 3 D mode. Still under warranty with Richer sounds and they have offered me a replacement TV, a 40 mu6400 which of course is a uhd tv (3D format died a death) ok can live with that but having viewed a few models now (Samsung, Panasonic and Sony) I am not that impressed, the problem for me seems to be in the sets ability/inability to deal with motion artefacts like blur and judder. My current Samsung is brilliant at portraying (albeit HD) detailed lifelike images with little to no motion issues.
Sure the uhd tvs give greater clarity and details but moving images leave a lot to be desired.
Am I being picky or is this the downside of the lower spec uhd tv's?
If any one can recommend a decent 40/43 inch Tv I would very much appreciate this
I cannot go larger than 43 inches for the sake of my marriage and space in the lounge so that does limit me to the lower spec tv's