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Thread: duo2 lcd4linux won't let me use picons with iptv stream

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    duo2 lcd4linux won't let me use picons with iptv stream

    ?hello i bought a duo2 last week i have been trying to set up the lcd display with lcd4linux when i press the green button to save changes and the exit the lcd screen goes back to fonts only it wont show the picons on the lcd screen

    i am running a iptv stream all picons are on a usb

    the first pic is of the lcd4linux menu

    the second is the lcd when i exit lcd4linux it stays like that for about 3 seconds then gos back to photo three

    and the third is fo what stays on the lcd screen

    for some reason it wont let me use the picons or is it because i am using a iptv stream

    hope some one can help been at this for best part of a week now

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    Can't be done as an IPTV channel will be regarded as a media source by LCD4Linux. You can't even do PiP with such a stream. So there is no workaround. Best you can get is to set the media section to display progress, title etc but again that will depend on whether the stream actually contains such information which normally it does not. Usually all that is there is the channel name.

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