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Thread: People's Spelling and Punctuation.

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    Yes the English language is strange and difficult, reference Detlef ' A pet hate of mine is superfluous adjectives, for example "anytime soon" - what information does the anytime add. Another is phrases where one word would suffice , for example "at this moment in time" = now. '

    Strangely modernism has changed our Language and who is using the term: A yuppy ( Del boy ) would say "anytime soon" , if you were writing a book you certainly would not use " anytime soon" or "now", but add words to give thought ie, "at this moment in time" which no doudt gives more words to the book.

    If you want to hear the English language used in the old form just talk with villages in the remote part of Norfolk where I come from. For years these villages used to call a the village :- willage. This might look odd but the word came across the seas with the invaders and Norfolk villages were isolated if you came in from another village up the road you were classed as foreigner. certainly quite nice to hear local language but some of English modernism ie spelling and writing as shortened text will destroy the English language and in the future make it harder to understand exactly what a person is saying.
    This happens all the time especially on this forum, the amount of times you read threads but cant really understand what the writer is saying. If only the writer had read back what he /she was trying to say and read their message as the person reading it for the first time, then really it easy to see why sometimes their threads do not get answers.

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    Sorry here for being lazy and not ALL reading previous posts, but one of my pet gripes is regards how the word 'unique' is commonly used! Unique MEANS 'unique' - i.e. nothing else is like it - yet SO many people incorrectly say 'very unique' or 'quite unique', or 'rather unique', etc etc - but it's either 'unique' or not at all!!

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    As I (I think!) said some days ago, many young people don't "understand" English "grammar - language changes over time, but, ATM, it's happening rather "too often" nowadays.

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    A couple that always annoy me are "...moment in time" and the answer "...absolutely". Where else is a moment (or point/period for that matter ) if not in time. Absolutely is a qualifier and should always be followed by the thing it qualifies. Another one is people who say "Febuary" when in fact it's "February" - why do they always lose the "r"? Oh and while I'm at it what about "...actual fact"? Fact can be nothing other than actual!

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