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Thread: few channels not working today

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    Hi.....Are you kidding..128 pounds a month for a few HD channels...not even Abramovich will pay for that. As already mentioned i doubt there will be a fix anytime soon. Regards

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    heard of the fix also,just bought a new 4k tv ready ,
    this will wipe the smile off sly tv tech guys faces,got my money ready,

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    Quote Originally Posted by CokeAddict View Post
    For all those moaning, I heard there is a public "fix" already.

    The cost is anywhere between 22 and 128 a month depending on which packages you choose, but with that top package you do get all channels, with a few in HD and even some in UHD
    As always Coke ITK

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    ripley game over pal been nearly s/yit stilling not cracked yet

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    Will the last person on this thread please turn the lights out and shut the door please.

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    Originally Posted by CokeAddict View Post
    For all those moaning, I heard there is a public "fix" already.
    This public "fix" is already being advertised far harder than any commercial payserver ever could advertise ..LOL's !! ..i think it has even Broken Twitter and Facebook

    but as mentioned...
    not even Abramovich will pay for that.
    i'll turn out the lights since its all Darkness now anyhow on Murdock TV
    but before i close the door ...i'll say that at least all is not lost thanks to Feed Hunting and i'll be more than happy to continue as usual to watch Sky HD as always for FREE

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    Hear hear Barney - and the more I think about that awful man Uncle Rupie, I squirm - what with all his American shows and flipping infuriating adverts all the time - PLEASE SOMEONE BRING BACK 'REALITY' and sanity!! lol!!
    Plus - thank goodness we still have much more on cs than purely HIS produce - especially with multisat - so unlike apparent public belief, not ALL tv hinges around 28Eanyway - plus what still does remain on FTA channels is ok too?

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    In many ways, I'm glad share-o-vision is coughing its last few breaths.

    It was cool and exciting to begin with, but ultimately, it never really had anything to do with the satellite TV hobby. It made us all fat and lazy. And fat.

    Only the exclusive few were privvy to the inner workings of the CS cams - everybody else just leached the shit out of it on a scale never seen before. I know that's always been a thing, but at least when you had to patch together your own key files, and scramble round the internet for bits and bobs on a Saturday morning to get the football in the afternoon you had to burn off a few mental calories.

    Will we ever see another old-school encryption hack or new-school HW pairing hack? Maybe. Where there's brass there's muck. If someone can make some money, then maybe. Until then, I'll let rip with the WD40 on my motor and be happy about it.
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