Hi all!

Can anyone help me out of a predicament?

I recently fell foul of the CoolTV Time****, and not being any use on these systems, asked for advice on another forum on how to install the new version.

I downloaded the updated version, and was told to delete the old version, reboot, and then install the new version.

After deleting the old version, I now cannot reboot the receiver - I get nothing. Someone with some experience in this line has told me that I've probably deleted something I shouldn't have, and need the receiver resetting and externally re-booting - which needs a specialist.

It was running a motorised dish. Its OpenPLI via 4th Dimension (which I have been told is a no-no from the PLI forum!)

After ringing round local firms, no-one can help me, but one pointed me in the direction of this forum.

Can anyone be of assistance, or point me in the direction of said specialists? I'm in Chesterfield.

Thanks in advance.

Paul C.