Its always posted on sat boards as well as some cs sites about questions that people ask and wonder if any one wants to share some of the funny ones you have had over the many years in the game/trade

Mine over 10 years

Yeah i don`t need one of them boxes as i have a smart TV

GUY: That box don't work, plugged my Ariel in it and nothing?
ME: you need to put ya sky cable on it and screw it on the back called lnb in
GUY: Sky? you mean sat?
ME: Yes its a free-sat box you can get free TV of the sat dish and add a code for more.
GUY: You mean the black dustbin lid like thing on the side of house?
ME: Yes a sat dish, how else you going to use a sat box?
GUY: I don't have one, do i need one?