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Thread: Untimely Deaths

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    Untimely Deaths

    The apparent spate of untimely deaths is easily explained.

    The average life expectancy of a European male is about 80 years (and about 6 years more for a woman). That, typically, means a the peak will be spread around 65 to 95. With a lesser risk from, say, 55. Therefore for every Bruce Forsyth (88 and still going) there will be someone of under 72 whose death may be considered untimely.

    The advent of media (Radio, TV, Movies, etc) since the second world war has greatly boosted the number of people who are called "celebrities". A conservative estimate might be ten fold but I suspect it is nearer 100 fold. Those who came to fame in the 60s and 70s are now approaching the peak age, hence the almost daily loss of such people.

    So called "celebrities" lead a more stressful life than the average person - heart rates of TV presenters have been reported to exceed 200 immediately prior to the start of a show. Add to that the "Sx, Drugs and Rock and Roll" lifestyle of many performers will have reduced their life expectancy.

    Sad as losing some of our icons might be, they are immortalised in a way previous generations would not expect. For example, it is still possible to see them on TV, Movies or CD/DVDs as they were in their heyday. Prior to the 20th Century that was very rare.

    So let us not mourn them with sadness but celebrate the time we did enjoy their efforts.
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