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Thread: Issues changing to quad LNB

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    Quote Originally Posted by satwyn View Post
    yes they can weigh an arm and a leg just having some fun and yes agree some flimsy dishes on the market for sure even some of the plastic lnb holders can be problematic
    Rant over/ended then?


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    id say different lnb had a different focal point and highlighted the dish being out of alignment.

    lnb and cables weighing the dish down , then it would be off the wall or twisted in the slightest of winds .

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    yes they do have a different focal points did not mention it not wanting to complicate things further example the inverto black ultra single lnbf has a longer feedhorn and some dishes have their own matching c 120 feedhorns used to have a magnetic polariser at 1 time to get the best signal no need to twist the lnb or look for numbers the echostar 8700 and chapperral Monterey receivers analogue those were the days c band on a 1.2m prime focus dish but now it's only diseqc motors on flimsy pressed steel dishes

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