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Thread: can you blindscan yet on any of the latest VU+ products?

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    For example i also have a DM 7080 which is currently the DMM FlagShip and its costīs a bit more than the VU
    the Tunerīs there are unable to look the BBC Channels at 27° West so i have also spend another 80 Euros
    for an extra Tuner.
    anyway the TMBd Plugin i have on my VU4K is from June 2014 ( enigma2-plugin-extensions-tmdb_v1.1_mips32el.ipk )
    so no one compilet that into a .arm File
    And yes he did but hi did also ask :
    the solo 4k now - worth it over the duo2?
    May he make his decision whatsoever that may look,nothing more to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian View Post
    What are you waffling on about ?

    Yes its a tuner issue as to why Blindscan wont work on the 4k and this is well known. But tell me,who on earth wants to spend top dollar on the VU+ Flagship box only then to find that to get a plugin such as Blindscan to work they then have to go out and spend more money to purchase a USB tuner ? Its just madness !
    You can fit a pluggable tuner (same as in uno, ultimo, solose and duo2)

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    Still extra money though after paying for whats supposed to be the bee's knee's in set top boxes.

    Undoubtedly this box will be the best out there and I'd deffo like one,but not till the software catches up and like Mr Dude has said,this probably wont happen completely until mipsel is considered obsolete. Although,things are far better now than they were 12 months ago.

    All I'm saying is that if the original poster were to buy a 4k, he shouldnt expect it to work like an existing VU+ box. Not without lots of effort and work and internet searching on his part to get whats taken for granted as working instantly on the existing mipsel boxes,and there are many things,that he will never get to work. Admittedly though as I said things are moving on,and this wont always be the case.

    But I repeat,the original question was will Blindscan work on the 4k and the simple answer is no,not unless he were to purchase further hardware.

    His choice,but theres no way I'd buy the Flagship box only to then find I have to pay more to get basic things to work.

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    Have things progressed on since this discussion was last held? For example the Uno 4K is now out. Is the 4K now a more capable buy vs the tried and tested HD VU+ boxes??
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