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Thread: sound bar and tv connection

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    sound bar and tv connection

    hi guys, i bought a new tv bush, and a new sound bar lg nb3540, on the back of the tv i have a spdif connection , and on the sound bar a optic connection, could you tell me if theres a leed i could obtain with one end optical to connect to the sound bar and one for the tv, as it is now the optical end wont fit a connection to the tv,have connected one to the sound bar and satbox which has a optic outlet but cannot get the sound bar to work properly doing it this way as the sound on sat box channels wont pick up on the sound bar,thanks

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    if you are getting no sound then you may have to set your sat box to optical out in the settings

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    you dont give the model of the TV or the satbox!! SPDIF and optical are the same thing, it will only go in one way so just twist as you present it to tv/sounbar. There is only one optical on soundbar so what you need is a gadget called ... Portta TOSLINK 3x1 Digital Optical Audio Switcher with Remote.

    Also to get soundbar working properly with tv you may have to switch off tv speakers in settings. same will apply to satbox switch on optical out.

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